Farmer Profile: LVS Organics

Saranya Sarasagopalan’s interest in agriculture comes from her ancestors, who were farmers in India. After her success growing food for her friends and family in her own garden, Saranya was inspired to pursue a business in farming with her family after working as a computer science engineer.

Saranya and several family members and friends started their agribusiness LVS Organics at Good Hope Farm in the spring of 2020. Saranya and her family have experience growing crops like okra, beets, green beans, and broccoli, and are excited to farm on a larger plot of land that is still close to home. When discussing community benefits from urban agriculture like at Good Hope Farm, Saranya says, “with the limited availability of land, many people in and around the community started noticing the farm in the urban area, which [makes] freshly produced vegetables available closer [to] where they live.”

Saranya hopes their business will directly connect the nearby community to fresh, local foods. “Even though there are many grocery stores in our area, not many carry organic vegetables. If they do carry organic produce, they come from farther away locations. Hence, [they are] not fresh by the time they reach the consumer,” Saranya explains. “Our goal is to produce organic vegetables and deliver directly to consumers without any middle vendors. This would reduce cost. Also, our target consumer market is local communities. This would enable us to deliver fresh produce.”

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