Meet the Farmers

Through our Cultivator Farm Program, these farming businesses currently license plots at Good Hope Farm:

David Barbee and Michael Carpenter participated in the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Teaching Farm in Raleigh before launching Orange Sky Organics on a ½ acre plot at Good Hope Farm in 2017. Their farm focuses on producing turmeric and baby ginger, as well as okra, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, watermelon, herbs, and more.




Brooke Baucom is beginning Old North Farm operations on ½ acre at Good Hope Farm. Old North Farm will focus on the cultivation of specialty cut flowers. Brooke is excited to share her love of seasonal blooms by growing cut flowers, foliage, grasses, and herbs for use in floral bouquets.



Meredith Cohen is launching One Soil Farm this season on ½ acre at Good Hope. The mission of One Soil Farm is to grow food for the Jewish community of Durham, NC and provide meaningful Jewish farming programming through local synagogues, religious schools, and events. Meredith is now entering her sixth season of farming, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to grow food for her community and to share her combined love of Judaism and farming.



David “Flip” Filippini (KoKyu Farm) is a local chef/restaurant owner trained in Apulia, Southern Italy. He is an avid gardener, fermento, and local food advocate. Flip joined the farm with 2 ½ acre plots to grow a variety of specialty produce for his restaurant, and to supply his vegetable fermentation projects including pickles, kimchis, gochujang and hot sauces.



Megan Shrum and Dave Meyer first became interested in sustainable agriculture while living and working in lemur conservation in Madagascar. Tsara Farm is starting on a ½ acre plot at Good Hope Farm. They specialize in growing unique varieties of the vegetables and herbs that you see everyday, such as purple tomatoes and orange okra. Tsara means good and great in Malagasy and their goal is to contribute to the local food movement by providing a variety of beautiful, good food.



Jordan Walker relocated his farming operation, Barking Dog Farms, to Good Hope Farm in 2019. He grows mixed vegetables on a ½ acre plot.


Yulin Wu grew up on a farm in China, and was an avid gardener prior to starting his market operation, Garden-Fresh Farm, at Good Hope Farm in 2017. This year he will be growing corn, beans, sweet potatoes, Chinese yam, tomatoes, peppers, and melons on 1 acre.



All of the farmers sell produce to local markets. Opportunities for the public to purchase produce from the farm are shared on our Facebook page.