Meet the Farmers

Through our Cultivator Farm Program, these farming businesses currently license plots at Good Hope Farm:

Brooke Bennett
Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett began Old North Farm operations on ½ acre at Good Hope Farm in 2018. Old North Farm focuses on the cultivation of specialty cut flowers. Brooke is excited to share her love of seasonal blooms by growing cut flowers, foliage, grasses, and herbs for use in floral bouquets.

Meredith Cohen

Meredith Cohen launched One Soil Farm in 2018 at Good Hope Farm. One Soil will be growing on 1 acre this year and providing veggies for 50 CSA members.

The mission of One Soil Farm is to grow food for the Jewish community of Durham, NC and provide meaningful Jewish farming programming through local synagogues, religious schools, and events. Meredith is now entering her ninth season of farming, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to grow food for her community and to share her combined love of Judaism and farming. 

Dasharath Lohar

Natural & Local LLC Natural & Local LLC was founded by Ramrati Lohain in 2020 with a goal to nourish people and the planet. With her husband Dasharath Lohar, Ramrati grows a variety of Asian and other vegetables on Good Hope Farm to serve diverse community needs. They are expanding to one acre with a list of over 50 herbs and vegetables planned for 2021.Ramrati Lohain and Dasharath Lohar are originally from Nepal. Both have extensive gardening experience in Nepal as well as in the US. Dasharath is also an academically trained horticulturist cum biotechnologist. Both love organic farming and serving the local community through nutritious produce. They can be reached at

Saranya Sarasagopalan and friends

Saranya Sarasagopalan runs her agribusiness LVS Organic Farms with the help of two friends and family members. LVS Organic Farms will be growing Asian and other vegetables on one acre this year at Good Hope Farm and will be cultivating a variety of indian medicinal herbs and green leafy vegetables. LVS only uses natural manure like matured cow dung and homemade fertilizer. This year LVS  is aiming to grow more CSA shares with more varieties. “Being connected to nature is the best part of our life. By growing organic food not only we eat healthy and also to keep our mother earth happy.”

Patrick Stovall started farming at Good Hope Farm in 2021 on a ½ acre plot. His agribusiness, Wild Oats Farm, sells blackberries and mixed vegetables and herbs. Patrick began as a farmer at the Goat Lady Dairy in Greensboro, NC and eventually became part of the farm team at the Inter-faith Food Shuttle Farm in Raleigh. After a few years as a geologist in New York City, he has decided to rekindle his passion for organic farming in his home state.

Jordan Walker

Jordan Walker relocated his farming operation, Barking Dog Farms, to Good Hope Farm in 2019. He grows mixed vegetables on a ½ acre plot.

Yulin Wu

Yulin Wu grew up on a farm in China, and was an avid gardener prior to starting his market operation, Garden-Fresh Farm, at Good Hope Farm in 2017. This year he will be growing corn, beans, sweet potatoes, Chinese yam, tomatoes, peppers, and melons on 1 acre.