Educational Materials

Good Hope Farm’s educational outreach program is an online resource of interactive, educational lesson plans for children of all ages pertaining to local food, agriculture, and outdoor education. All of these lessons have been used by our staff with elementary schools and other K-6th grade groups.

Available For Download:

Each downloadable lesson contains a curriculum guide, suggested age range, and a list of materials necessary to facilitate the activity. Please click on the program name to download the materials

  • Vermicompost Bin Program: build a vermicompost bin and bring the excitement of composting to your own classroom! This 8-week activity is designed for K-5th graders.
  • Pollinator Game: learn about different pollinator species and how they help plants and flowers! This is a 1-hour activity designed for 3-5th graders.
  • Soil Workshop: why is soil important for our environment? Find out during this workshop, and make your very own Soil Sam! This 45 minute activity is designed for K-3rd graders.

Renting Program Materials: **Coming Soon**

If you live in the Cary area, you will soon have the opportunity to rent a tub from Good Hope Farm! Each of our tubs will contain all the materials, information, and instructions you will need to facilitate an educational lesson with your own organization or group. More details will be shared soon.